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We at Duetgames are dedicated to develop simple, engaging and yet high quality, innovative casual games for mobiles and web. Our mission is to create games which everyone irrespective of age and gender can enjoy. We strive to make our games “Brain stimulating” and not just for the ones with fastest fingers. We believe that games are meant to be shared and played with friends and hence we focus to enable our players to play "With or V/S" their close ones -This is what we call the "Duet Way!"


Whist is a classic game of plain-trick game for 4 players in fixed partnerships

Call Break

Check your cards and make accurate "Call" how many hands or tricks you can make.

Badam Saat

Classic game of Seven of hearts.

Seven Up

Simple yet engaging card game.

5-3-2 (Paanch-Teen-Do)

Simple and engaging three player card game.

7-8 (Seven Vs Eight)

Seven Eight is a two player turn based card game

Card Cricket

This is a simulation of Cricket game with playing cards for two players.

Card Chess

Card Chess is a simple turn based two player game.

Numerology Calculator

An easy to use numerology calculator, calculate your lucky numbers. This calculator is configurable to compute results either using Pythagorean method or Chaldean method of calculation. Note that this is a calculator and does not provide any predictions.


This is a classic Indian card, capture all the tens while winning the tricks.

Gulam Chor

Gulam Chor is an easy card game. Gulam means Jack, and Chor means thief.


Match all your cards to avoid being a Donkey!

Card Golf

Simulation of Golf game with Cards

Card Hockey

Simulation of Hockey game played with playing cards.

Board Cricket

Board Cricket is a board game with game rules similar to Snakes and Ladder’s.


Sharpen your bluffing skills to beat challengers in this card game.

Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights is simple,fun game- be the first to get rid of all the cards.

Foosball Berak

Foosball Simulation.


Euchre Anytime

Euchre is a four players game played with 24 cards.


A simple Sudoku game.